Purse Class

August 3, 2007

A friend of mine had asked me to teach a “young women’s” class the other day (ages 12-17).  In the end, she wanted them to learn how to sew and iron – so she asked me to teach them how to make a simple purse.


What fun! Boy, do I have new appreciation for what Linda at CraftApple has done!  Just writing out instructions on this one was a lot of work. 

 You just have to laugh – watching teenagers sew…with the same mentality as driving a car sometimes.   I just hope that they store it in their head and are able to recall it when they need to.  Sewing definitely is a gratifying craft to know.

Back to School Already?

July 23, 2007

All these back to school sales going on bring me to reality that the end of summer will be here before I know it.  What else can we cram into the last month – besides just plain having fun?  One thing that’s on my list is to bypass the “backpack” this year.. so I started working on a messenger bag for the kids. 


The first one was way too big and boxy – so the size was cut down – the flap rounded and the inside wall partly cut out.  (Kind of sounds like architecture to me…)  There’s a side pencil pocket and the back is a large flat panel pocket.



The insides of the first two became storage – the outsides …trash.  The Final One – a proud messenger bag to my 2nd oldest.  She picked out the fabric after looking through hundreds of pictures online.  Set on the color blue – she picked a “Mod Girls” pattern for the outside and “Michael Miller” pattern for the inside. 


I’d say she’s my fashion expert!

Sammy Red

July 23, 2007

My husband had prepped me for my first official purse party by insisting on “No wishy washy answers”.. ( since I have the tendency to think while I talk, my answers sound erroneously uncertain). So when Lisa came to me with a very Well-Loved bag and asked me if I could make one just like it only out of a different fabric – what do you think my answer was?… I thought just for a split second and out of my mouth came: 
“Yes!” “Absolutely!” “Yes!”
The next day I spent measuring and doodling instructions. The following was cutting and sewing. I ended up ripping so many stitches that I had to cut new pieces of fabric. At one point, I wondered if I should have been wishy washy… The hardest thing about it was getting it to feel and hang like the original – which boiled down to how it was lined.

Both straps and gusset were resized, and the leather was changed to fabric (except the leather strap piece). It took me a week to make – from beginning to end.
The “Mona Lisa” became a favorite!

And now is the time to make one for me.

A great style deserves a great color – so- Sammy Red!


In honor of my husband- who brainwashed I mean prepped me in the “Yes” technique. Anyway, there’s just something about a red bag. The color works in the summer .. also in the winter.. it  seems to match everything.  (now you know something about my matching skills). :)  and I consider it a “head turning” color. 
So my “Mona Lisa” style bag was the first to try on the cool new red fabric. 

The other two Mona Lisa’s had a matched coordinating fabric for the top of the bag, but this fabric was too cool to do that with.  So I cut and pasted the same fabric for the outside and set the coordinating fabric at the top on the inside (and of course for the gusset).



Riveting is an ongoing learning process for me. I have to watch myself – or I get too zealous and hammer the fabric instead of the rivet. Small crystals were set into these.


Thank you for your help babes.

Great Fabric

July 22, 2007

Ring – Ring.. Hello Fabric anonymous … I was only ordering fabric for my girls bags for school.. and I ended up with 6  extra yards.  I have no idea how it happened.  I think my mind checked out somewhere between “browsing” and the UPS truck at my door.


Can you relate?

Awesome Flip Flops

July 14, 2007

Having daughters, I know the importance of having fancy clothes and accessories that sparkle and shine!  Their favorites are always with  glitter,  beads or something cool on it.  

Last week I got to convo with a small business owner who knows the “fancy” rule.  She makes the coolest beaded flip flops!  – she makes jewelry, beaded hair clips and will custom make items..her boutique is  Hello-Designs by Crissi.  


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